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Quality policy

The major goals of the quality policy are to address the purpose of the organisation, the satisfaction of the clients’ requests for the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System’s efficaciousness, as well as the contact increase of the company’s profitability.

Through its quality policy, in order to improve its design service, the simulation of mechanical equipment and robots’ programing, the quality of the manufactured mechanic equipment, as well as for the improvement of its Quality Management System, S.C. TMF S.R.L aims for the following targets:

  • The maintenance and increase of the client’s satisfaction, taking action for the satisfaction of the clients’ needs regarding the requested services/products,
  • The maintenance and increase of economic cost-effectiveness by achieving qualitative services/products in efficient conditions,
  • The continuous market research, the enlargement of the clients’ portfolio and customer loyalty regarding bilateral relations,
  • The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System effectiveness by adopting some adequate measures of management and control,
  • The conformity with the legislation in the quality field, as well as with other requirements applicable to the activities of the organisation,
  • Processes’ optimisation through the implementation of an efficient and continuously improving management system,
  • Employees’ training concerning their acknowledgement of the Quality Policy, company’s goals and of the provisions of the Quality Management System applicable to their field of activity.

I, the undersigned Chief Executive Officer, hereby state that we will accomplish such targets by implementing and maintain an efficient Quality Management System in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as its continuous improvement.

Chief Executive Officer