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Who we are?

TMF S.R.L. is a company with a high professional qualification and with a rich experience in mechanical engineering and robots’ simulation.

Due to our continuous collaborations with a series of important clients from the auto segment, our company is permanently in search of new and original technical solutions in order to obtain a finite product of high quality.

For us each new project represents a new challenge and is approached by our team with an extraordinary competence, a great deal of dynamism and an absolutely flexibility. Moreover, we help our partners on each occasion by providing them the necessary instruments and knowledge for the success of their products.

Our company

was set up in 2004, and ever since has known a continuous development. The premises of the rapid growth of our company were the following: the continuous increase of the number of clients, their full satisfaction and our special attention to organizing and planning of the works.

Our company is focused

on obtaining a superior performance which grants a good position on the market in terms of the following attributes: the quality of provided services and products, used the technology that we use, the continuous development of human resources, the compliance with the delivery terms, as well as our capacity of adapting to environment-related changes and to clients’ requirements and demands.

As a result,

our company extended its activities also in the field of mechanical processing, with the purpose of satisfying the clients’ needs. Due to our vast experience in the field, our company’s activities cover a larger range of services: from engineering, simulation, CAM programing to providing finite products.